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On what is the credit history based?

Credit history is far more important than people commonly believe. Through this credit history the sum of all the credit history of a specific person is established. It is, therefore, important information about the commercial behavior of that person and is commonly used, although few know it.

The credit history is like a financial profile that allows credit institutions to know how people have handled their finances throughout their lives. In this way, it is a support to decide if they want to grant a loan, for example. Or to offer credits in worse conditions, too. In the same way, the responsible use of credit is also registered and that in the long term causes enormous advantages.

Basically, it is about favoring good behavior in questions of granting credits . In this article by New Lender we want to offer you detailed information about the credit history, the credit report and how to solve the problems derived from not paying debts on time and that affect the credit history of the person.

What relationship does a credit report have with the credit history?

What relationship does a credit report have with the credit history?

The credit history makes a historical description of how a person has used their money. That is to say, the number of bank cards that it has, the loans that have been granted or if it has paid its invoices on date and in an optimal way. By the mere fact of having a loan granted by the bank or a credit card, you already have a credit history.
That history collects the information through a credit report . That is, the credit report what it does is an informative summary of the credit history. Personal details are specified (name, address …), credit cards available, loans, what you owe and if you usually pay your bills on time or late.

Who is dedicated to collecting the credit history?

Who is dedicated to collecting the credit history?

There are three large companies that contain the credit histories and make the reports. They are Equifax , perhaps the best known, TransUnion and Experian . These are the companies that are dedicated to writing and compiling this series of credit reports. You should know that anyone can have a copy of their credit report from each of those three companies. It is also free, by law.
To do this you must call Annual Credit Report or enter its website: There you will be informed how to get your credit history year after year. In addition, you should know that there is a credit score that establishes the value of your credit history. Each of these companies has a different credit score.
That’s why banks use these credit histories to know who to grant credits to and under what conditions. That is why it is so important. It is becoming increasingly difficult to obtain bank credit due to the crisis, which is why many people, because of an adverse credit history, are unable to obtain financing. However, there are other ways. There are financing methods (non-banking) that offer personal online loans to people with a bad credit history. And the second opportunities must always exist.

Your personal loan is possible … with New Lender

Your personal loan is possible ... with New Lender

New Lender is a non-bank financial institution that operates on the Internet. Offers credits that meet very juicy and very favorable conditions for those who seek funding urgently and, above all, fast undocumented loans from New Lender , simple, fair for the client and full of advantages at the level of interest rates and other conditions. And it is that all the procedures are online and you will not need to go to any place or bank to get money.

In addition, they are loans with ASEF , so you can access the credit even if you are on a list or file of defaulters such as ASEF . All are advantages. The acceptance rate of the loan applications offered by New Lender amounts to more than 99%, so you can get an idea that few requirements are being requested. In addition, after making the arrangements and ask for the credit, you can have your money in less than 15 minutes.

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