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Loan with Negative Margin: See how it’s possible

When we are in situations of financial difficulties, one option is to apply for a paycheck loan. However, if there is no financial education , we can keep the negative margin without realizing it, causing greater monetary inconvenience.

Therefore, we will talk about what is assignable margin, how it can become negative and what can be done in this case.

The assignable margin is a percentage of the salary 



The assignable margin is a percentage of the salary or benefit determined by the government, which can be used to pay the loan and payroll. That is, it is a limiter that ensures that although you apply for loans and pay for them, the beneficiary will keep enough income to cover your essential expenses.

Currently, the payroll loan margin is established at 30% of the income . In compliance with this percentage, up to 9 different loan lines may be requested, provided that the sum of their installments does not exceed the established margin.

However, in addition to the 30% that is used for the loan, there are still another 5% that can be used for the consigned card . These percentages are independent and do not mix.

Is it possible to borrow with a negative margin?

Is it possible to borrow with a negative margin?


When the policyholder has 35% of the committed income (30% of the loan and 5% of the card), his or her limit is reached. With this, the possibility of hiring a new loan is blocked . However, other options can help you get money at this delicate time, such as: refinancing, portability and withdrawal.



Refinancing is an operation that allows you to restart your debt with release of new credit . In this way, your recent loan will be refinanced and you will have your installments debited on the payroll with term since the first.


Credit portability is the alternative of transferring your loan to a new bank, usually one that has lower interest rates. In this way, the new institution chosen will be responsible for the discharge of its debt. When you remove it, the counting is normally restarted with a refinance and a value is released to the requester.

Withdrawal with consigned card

It is possible to make a withdrawal with the consigned credit card by transferring up to 95% of the value of the limit available for your checking account or savings. As such, you can withdraw money at any bank on the 24 Hours Network, in addition to the branches of your bank.

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