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Finance driving license: How to drive financially upholstered

The driving license makes you mobile and makes everyday life easier, but not everyone can finance their driving license. Especially pupils, students and low earners often have difficulties to raise the necessary fees for the desired driving license.

This article discusses potential ways and means by which consumers can finance their driving license. From classic solutions such as side and summer jobs to various loans to the payment by installments at the driving school, various options with their advantages and disadvantages are discussed.

An overview of financing options

An overview of financing options

In essence, there are three ways to finance the driver’s license in a financially difficult situation:

  • Through a complementary job
  • Through a bank or alternative loan
  • By installment at the driving school

Cost recovery through a small job

Pupils and students can use free afternoons and vacations to earn the money for their driving license. For this purpose, side jobs, holidays and mini jobs, which are awarded on a regular basis. A one- to two-month vacation is often enough to cover all costs.

The financing with a side job takes a bit longer. Usually it does not cover more than ten to 15 hours a week , so that the monthly earnings usually do not exceed 300 to 400 euros. In addition, in some cases, the pupil or student needs part of the money to pay the cost of living.

Even with a so-called mini-job, the earnings limit is generally 450 euros. Whoever does not exceed this amount benefits from the freedom of social security. That is, the salary is paid almost without deduction. This fact holds a great saving potential.

Financing through a bank or alternative loan

To finance the driver’s license and to be able to approach it in a timely manner, taking out a loan is a good option. In the case of the authorization, there are no long waiting times . The registration at the preferred driving school can take place immediately afterwards.

In addition to the typical bank loans, there are solid and profitable alternatives, such as short-term loans. In addition, it is conceivable to lend money from private investors in your own circle of acquaintances or in peer-to-peer platforms.

Installment at the selected driving school

Some driving schools now offer their customers the opportunity to finance the license by installment. That is, the total amount does not have to be paid all at once, but in small parts. For people who have a fixed monthly income and can cover the amount due in each case without any problems, the variant represents a suitable solution . In this way, the dream of driving license quickly comes within reach.

The financing by credit

The financing by credit

Anyone who has problems to finance the driver’s license, but wants to do it immediately, is usually dependent on a loan . There are several options available, such as Auto Lend, bank loans and loans from private hands.

With Auto Lend to the driver’s license

With a small loan from Auto Lend the driver’s license can be financed reliably and quickly . If a commitment is made, the requested loan will be on the account within a very short time.

The process step by step:

  1. Select the loan amount using the clear tariff calculator.
  2. Complete the form completely.
  3. Start verification conveniently via VideoIdent.

Note Only Skype and a webcam are required.

The following requirements apply:

  • The loan approval requires a majority
  • The residence is located in Germany
  • The customer has a German bank account
  • The regular income amounts to at least 500 euros per month
  • The customer captivates with sufficient creditworthiness (at least “middle” SCHUFA score)

tip Since a medium credit rating is sufficient, low-income earners and the self-employed have the opportunity to finance their driving license.

The advantages of Auto Lend at a glance

  • Credit calculator for absolute transparency : The applicant sees immediately how much he has to pay back at which loan amount.
  • Loan request without negative impact : Irrespective of the loan approval, the request has no influence on the SCHUFA score.
  • Instant loan with fast payout : Anyone who decides on an express loan and receives the commitment will receive the sum on the same day.
  • Short bond and good credit : Since it is a short-term loan, the borrower is not tied to the repayment obligation for a long time.
  • Top conditions without hidden costs : There are neither commission nor processing fees charged
  • No indication of intended use : unlike other credit institutions, it is not necessary to give the purpose of the money.

Notes on bank loans

In contrast to a loan from Auto Lend, the applicant usually needs a very good credit rating at a conventional bank for the approval. Unemployed, self-employed and students without a regular job have a minimal chance of a commitment.

If you want to finance the driver’s license and have a corresponding SCHUFA score for bank credit, you can choose between different models:

  1. Dispo / Framework Loan: The account can be overdrawn up to the agreed amount. For the minus often very high fees . In addition, a credit line has a negative impact on creditworthiness.
  2. Regular loan: The applicant receives the sum required for his license and has to repay the amount including high interest rates in monthly installments . As a rule, the client needs a fixed income, which is why an employment relationship increases the chances of a regular loan. For a loan for a fixed-term contract, important aspects have to be considered.

Advantages of a bank loan:

  • long repayment period possible
  • low monthly rates possible

Disadvantages of a bank loan:

  • High interest rates (especially for long duration)
  • Negative impact on creditworthiness
  • Only successful with a good credit rating

Loans from private hands

With respect to a private loan, there are two options:

Friends : If you have family members, friends or acquaintances with a solid financial foundation, you may borrow the amount to finance your driving license in some cases. The conditions should be individually negotiated (repayment date, interest, etc.).


  • The borrower is not dependent on any official institution
  • The borrower is – by individual agreement – exempted from paying interest


  • A credit may have a negative effect on the interpersonal relationship

Peer-to-peer platform: So-called peer-to-peer platforms are booming. The principle of such a portal is that private investors help the applicant to realize a project – such as the driver’s license. Interest rates are quite cheap here. However, the borrower has to wait until enough people have found who want to support him in his project . There are also fees.

Advantage :

  • Low interest rates

Disadvantages :

  • Possibly waiting time (no security)
  • Mostly good credit is required
  • agency fees

If you want to finance your driver’s license, you can use a small loan or installment payment.

The installment at the driving school

The installment at the driving school

Can the driver’s license be paid in installments?

If all other solutions are out of the question, there is still the option of paying off driver’s license costs at the driving school . More and more schools are offering their clients this practical option.

How does the installment work?

The principle is very simple: the learner pays exactly the amount that accumulates for the hour. Whether he settles the sum in cash or via a monthly standing order is up to him, unless the school has deviating conditions.

It is important that the installment agreement is signed by both parties . In addition, the learner driver must provide a valid bank account details in case of account debiting in order to avoid problems with their collection.

Advantages and disadvantages of installment

If the driver’s license is not taken during the holidays (holiday driving school), it can take several months to complete. For this reason, it proves convenient not to have to advance the amount.

In this case , the installment payment provides comfort and security – at least if the learner has a regular monthly income , which also covers the partial payments for the driver’s license in a strategically sensible approach.

The advantages, however, are also faced with potential disadvantages, which can have an unfavorable effect. If a rate is not paid on time, the driving school breaks off under certain circumstances every other hour until the learner is back on target. This is accompanied by further complications: For the missed payments, there are fees that increase the price of the license.

tip Anyone who decides to pay by installments at the driving school should choose the payment date as far as possible the day after the salary. The on-time payment and the elimination of additional fees are thus secured.


  • Partial payments after every hour or monthly
  • Total not necessary immediately


  • For unpaid rates additional fees are possible
  • Credit check (good credit rating usually has to be given)

Finance driver’s license: tips

Finance driver

With all the options available to finance your driving license, making the right decision is not easy. The following list should help you to make the best choice.

It is important to pay attention to this

The professional, financial situation

First, the future learner should remember what financial situation he is in. What about the monthly income? Could a side job or a summer job be the solution to easily finance a driver’s license? Who knows, in terms of credit rating rather bad than cut off, saves the transition to the bank better. In that case, it makes more sense to consider and contact Auto Lend or acquaintances as financing options. tip Age also matters. Beginning learner drivers under the age of 18 are dependent on a vacation or part-time job if there is no one in the circle of friends who can help.

Choose loan amount well considered

It is recommended that the loan is neither too high nor too low. First, it would be dangerous to calculate too high an amount. This would drive interest rates up and extend the bond with the bank . On the other hand, it could be a disadvantage to request exactly the amount that exactly covers the driver’s license. It can not be ruled out that a few driving lessons are needed more than expected and therefore higher costs. This eventuality should be considered. tip The best way to estimate the borrower’s usual amount for the driver’s license plus 200 to 300 euros as a reserve.

Compare conditions of different providers

When taking out a loan, it is important to compare the conditions of different providers. The differences in interest rates, maturities and other fees can be large.

Can the driver’s license be financed or subsidized by the employment office?

Anyone who is unemployed and must finance a specific driver’s license to take up an interesting position can contact the relevant employment office (Jobcenter). In many cases, the agency offers jobseeker support for a car or truck driver’s license . In part, the cost of the driver’s license required to 100 percent is taken.

Generally, the customer has to take care of a so-called education voucher . The employment office issues these to persons who have completed vocational training or have worked for at least three years. In addition to the unemployed, employees whose employment contract expires or who are about to be dismissed are also eligible for the education voucher.

tip Before applying for an education voucher, the customer should keep a close eye on it in order to increase the chances of a commitment. The basic requirement is that the driver’s license for the intended job belongs to the fixed regulations.

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