EPL every Saturday, Sunday, sometimes Monday

2003 in Losenoidoomock was sort of a resonance for me, or more accurately a fan maturation process. You can visit this  alexa wayback machine . I was no longer the little boy learning about America's Past Time, now I was filling in to a College student who was accepting of new things, who had to move out of his comfort zone, I was becoming a die-hard supporter of the World's Game.

I'm now a full-fledged Soccer-Addict. I play on multiple teams, I watch the EPL every Saturday, Sunday, sometimes Monday, I watch Champions League, I can tell you all about home and away scoring and why the MLS isn't a third as good as real professional soccer, I bemoan pre-season friendlies, and I haven't missed a single World Cup game since I popped my cherry in Germany 2006.

I've been a soccer fan for eight years now and I've never felt more at home. Allegiances sometimes spring up for no reason in particular and then they sometimes die, but feeling like you can't move on is the worst part. I still love the Redskins, even if they never learn from their mistakes, I still love the Terps, even if this is a re-build year, I still love my Sox, even if they tanked last season and I'll always love my Wizards, even if no one else does, but the best part of life is finding new things and kolapadaar.

Soccer was my new thing and now it's my everything, I sometimes wonder how my life would have been if I was a soccer fan from birth, but then I stop and think about robbing 2003 me of the joy of discovery and robbing current me of the ecstasy of a well-timed run, or a nasty upper ninety blast from outside of the box or the pageantry that is the World Cup. Visit this phantom of the opera tickets pittsburgh .

I've been called a homer, a band wagon fan and a frontrunner. Who hasn't? But guess what? I'm all three at times. Don't get me wrong here, I would never actively root against any of my teams, but sometimes it's fun to root for a winner. In a day and age when every team from Dubai to New Mexico can be seen on the internet or tv shouldn't we be able to route for whoever, whenever? Probably not, but routing, much like this article, shouldn't make sense, it should just make you feel good.


Miami - A 66 game season will really help the Heat

Three days and counting until the best Christmas present of all time!! No it's not a cabbage patch doll, not a tickle-me-Elmo, no Beanie Babies and not even a Furby. We're getting a giant package filled with a day of jam-packed NBA action. The NBA is back baby, its back! In the immortal words of Steve Buckhantz, 'How do you like that?"

Well Buck, I LOVE IT!

To jump start the season, I've decided to take a different approach to a season preview. I'm getting out ahead of ESPN and all the TV pundits to answer everyone's favorite hypothetical, What if the playoffs started today? Preposterous I know, but nothing about this season is conventional so deal with it. See and matilda broadway show tickets and discounted book of mormon tickets .

We'll start with the East and run down the Top Eight Teams, and a few on the-Cusp teams:
1.) Miami - A 66 game season will really help the Heat, not to mention during the offseason they improved their bench. Battier is a solid addition, Haslem is back and healthy and LeBron has a new and improved post game, scary. The X-Factor here, will the Heat rest guys for the playoff run? If so they may swap Chicago for the two spot, but no lower.

2.) Chicago - The Bulls made two solid moves so far, 1.) Signing Rose to an extension and 2.) The signing of Rip Hamilton. Let us not forget that Chicago was a beast of a defensive team last year, but when it came down to crunch time and they needed a basket, they had nothing. They were too easy to stop when Rose was their only option, now they have a knock down scorer with a championship pedigree.

3.) Knicks - So the Knicks were trying to get Chris Paul, amnestied Chauncey Billups, signed Tyson Chandler and Baron Davis. Chandler will help out on defense and allow Amare to focus even less on defending the basket. The big question mark is the point guard spot. May be the New York spotlight will rejuvenate Davis, but can he last? The Knicks aren't a deep team and D'Antoni loves to run his teams in to the ground, but they do have Melo.

The Pacers snuck in to the playoffs last year as an 8 seed

4.) Indiana - This is my big surprise team of the season. More about seo experts miami and london seo consultant . The Pacers snuck in to the playoffs last year as an 8 seed and gave the Bulls fits. In the offseason they signed David West and looked poised to make the jump to actual contender. I was hesitant to pick the Knicks ahead of the Pacers, but the Pacers lack that superstar. Granger is great, but he's not Melo. Look for the Pacers to hustle hard, play smart and actually try for the entire 66 games.

5.) Boston - Old, decaying, decrepit on life support. Not sold on this Celtics team, plus an injury to KG, Pierce or Allen could be catastrophic. The Celts lost Big Baby to Orlando, Jeff Green is out for the season with heart problems and they really have no depth at all. This could be a really long season for the Celts.

6.) Orlando - The Magic are skating on thin ice, if Dwight does get traded at any point this season, then you can take them out of the 6 spot and put them on the couch for the playoffs.

7.) Atlanta - The Hawks lost Crawford and replaced him with Tracy Magrady. Tisk, Tisk. Also Josh Howard is good trade bait.

8.) Philadelphia - The Sixers made the playoffs last season and have a great young team. If Brand stays healthy, that gives the Sixers a legit post presence and Evan Turner was impressive last season as a rookie.

On the Cusp:
ALERT, ALERT, ALERT....HOMER PICK: 9.) Washington - I was at the first pre-season game and I saw the Wiz take it on the chin, and I know that Nick Young is our best scorer. Man that last part was scary to write. If Wall can improve and Javale McGee finally comes around (Contract year) may be we get in as an eight, but I doubt it.